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ҰƵapp Launches 33 New Quartz Colors

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March 13, 2023      

Our spectacular new quartz colors have now arrived to ҰƵapp branches and are ready for viewing and purchase. Make plans to visit your nearest branch to see all the new colors! Many of these colors are also available book-matched – ask your local sales rep for more information, or check out our website for more details.

ʱԳٲϳܲٳ® is staging a revolution with 21 new colors ranging from gorgeous marble-looks like the Stella and Lux collections, to quartzite-inspired Elara and Ijen Azul, to elaborate designs in the Marmo and Sono collections. There’s even a couple of Calacatta looks at a more affordable price point – see our Terra Luna and Terra Sol options.

Terra Luna PentalQuartz

Terra Luna ʱԳٲϳܲٳ®

PentalQuartz New Colors

ʱԳٲϳܲٳ® New Colors

ѱٰDzϳܲٳ® is giving you a dozen new reasons to renovate your kitchen or bathroom countertops this year! Delivering excitement, drama, sophistication and whimsy in an array of wide-ranging designs. They just keep getting better! From the intensity of Marmo Viola and Corchia to the interest of Unique Calacatta Blue and Green, to the refreshingly easy multi-color designs of Aegean and Celadon, there’s something for everyone in this incredible assortment of new colors.

Marmo Viola MetroQuartz

Marmo Viola ѱٰDzϳܲٳ®

MetroQuartz New Colors

ѱٰDzϳܲٳ® New Colors

Order a sample online, or play around with all the designs on our !

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