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MetroQuartz Makes Its Television Debut

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January 12, 2023      

ѱٰDzϳܲٳ® makes its television debut in the Netflix Original Series Instant Dream Home! This heartwarming show focuses on a team of remodelers that transforms families’ homes from top to bottom within 12 hours. Several ѱٰDzϳܲٳ® colors were the stars of some of these homes. Their versatility and beauty made them the perfect material for these rapid renovations.

Spacious and bright white kitchen

In this first home, the renovators sought to create an inviting kitchen, one where the family would want to spend time. With a new baby on the way and a soon-to-be grandmother living with vision impairment, the kitchen had to be spacious and bright. The featured ѱٰDzϳܲٳ® color’s marble effect satisfied both these elements. Installed on the countertop and backsplash, its white and grey were the ideal complement to the rest of the kitchen.

Glacial featured in bright white kitchen

A home’s kitchen showing its old age was refreshed with help of ѱٰDzϳܲٳ® Glacial. A sleek, white design was used to achieve modernity. The Glacial quartz, applied on the countertops, plays a significant role in delivering this rejuvenating look.

Cement grey countertops in bright blue kitchen with light wood floors.

As a home to nine children, its kitchen required countertops that were durable and ready to withstand heavy traffic. ѱٰDzϳܲٳ® was the perfect solution. Quartz offers high resilience and protection against stains and etches. Cement is one of two surfaces that occupy this dream kitchen. Paired with the soft blue cabinetry and stylish backsplash, this eye-catching composition overflows with charm.

Luce Lazula in beautiful white kitchen

The opposite end of this kitchen, connected to the other through the artistic backsplash motif, sees the application of Luce Lazula on the countertops to reinforce its white scheme. Its general absence of color presents a dramatic contrast to the kitchen’s other half. The subtle veining of Luce Lazula adds a touch of refinement.

Fortress Honed black countertops in warm kitchen

A beautiful kitchen to reflect a beautiful soul. A mother of three who has been helping seniors and the disabled with their homes for 17 years gets her own home improvement. The house’s newly renovated kitchen aims to blend function with aesthetic, a job perfectly suited for ѱٰDzϳܲٳ®. The marriage of these two properties is enforced by Fortress Honed. Its deep color is a satisfying accompaniment to the flooring. The surface provides an environment that can be enjoyed without worrying about the countertop’s integrity.

Unique Calacatta Gold is installed in a bathroom with wood walls

Unique Calacatta Gold is installed in a bathroom that the mother can finally call her own. Previously, the home only had one bathroom that was shared among her and her three children, resulting in time restraints. This elegant ѱٰDzϳܲٳ® bathroom vanity helps create a relaxing space for the mother to spend much-needed time on herself. After all, a woman who has done so much for others deserves her own bathroom that is gorgeous in every way.

Luce Lazula in bright white kitchen with purple cabinets.

It was love at first sight when this home’s family stepped into their new kitchen with Luce Lazula countertops. The quartz displays a tasteful juxtaposition between the purple cabinets, one of the mother’s favorite colors. The pure whites of Luce Lazula also aid in producing a spacious look and feel. The result is a kitchen in which the family would look forward to spending time and preparing meals in.

Luce Viaggo countertops in white and black kitchen with wood cabinets.

Months after a family’s contractor skipped out mid renovation, the dream house this family almost gave up on is going to get finished in one day! The soft warm-toned Luce Viaggio takes center stage in this kitchen renovation. Reminiscent of linen with river-like veins lined with warm toffee tones and accented with white lacing details, Luce Viaggio gives this kitchen a touch of luxe.

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