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Elevate Your Space with Infinity Surfaces:

Where Elegance Meets Durability

Discover the unparalleled elegance and resilience of Infinity Surfaces porcelain slabs at ҰƵapp. Our collection, crafted with unmatched precision and attention to detail, offers a versatile range of designs that cater to every style preference. Whether you’re seeking a modern enhancement or a touch of rustic charm, our porcelain slabs bring a unique blend of luxury and durability to your space.

Why Choose Infinity

Our large-sized slabs are exclusively made in Italy of 100% natural raw materials and are super-performing thanks to the application of the latest smart technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions about Infinity Surfaces

Infinity Surfaces is a brand of large format porcelain slabs that come in a wide range of options catering to every aesthetic. Elegant, yet robust, porcelain slabs are resistant to sunlight, heat, every day wear and tear, making them an excellent choice for not only countertops, but also fireplaces, floors, statement walls, and other outdoor uses. Infinity Surfaces porcelain slabs provide the allure and texture of natural stone coupled with the performance and design flexibility of an engineered product.

Infinity Surfaces slabs are available in sizes up to 63¾”×127½”

While we stock the 12mm thickness, 6mm and 20mm are available on select skus by special order.

Infinity Surfaces require very little maintenance, but should be cleaned on a regular basis. For daily cleaning, simply wipe your surface with any commonly available multi-purpose cleaner or mild soap, then rinse off with clean water.
Yes, Infinity Surfaces porcelain slabs are heat resistant, making them a great choice for applications where they might be exposed to high temperatures or hot objects.
Usage of porcelain slabs for countertops and other surfaces has a number of advantages. Porcelain slabs are resistant to heat and sunlight, and are lightweight compared to alternative engineered or natural stone slabs. There are many porcelain brands yet we chose Infinity Surfaces due to their high quality and durability. As experts in the industry, we only offer products from the finest manufacturers. You will be delighted with your Infinity Porcelain slabs. We guarantee it.